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Albert Thurston

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albertthurston's Dugdale 'Caldonaire Tweed'  
December 6, 2022  
Dugdale Caldonaire Tweed

Green and rust flecked herringbone tweed tubed braces.

Multifit $189.95 QTY
Dugdale Caldonaire Tweed

Brown herringbone tweed tubed braces.

Multifit $189.95 QTY
Antique Brass Clip-on Buttons

A clever answer to an age old problem. These buttons can easily be moved from one pair of trousers to another. Clip-on buttons are indispensable to the keen brace wearer.

$39.95 QTY



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Dugdale's Caldonaire Tweed is one of the last tweeds to still be made in Yorkshire. Steeped in history, these heritage braces are a timeless classic and pay homage to a cloth that has been around for over a century.

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